Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's that Time of Military Life again..

Well, PCS season will soon be upon us! This is our second PCS and I'm pretty excited! We're headed to Fort George G. Meade in Maryland! Pretty crazy, considering it wasn't even on our "list." But, then again, we got #8 on our list last duty station, so I'm not even surprised.

I'm very excited to head to the east coast! As much as I've grown to love Mountain Home AFB in Idaho, I'm ready for green and tall trees and thunderstorms! This Oklahoma girl looooves a good, window-shaking thunderstorm.

Is there anybody out there who has lived in or currently lives in the Fort Meade area? I'd love any feedback/tips/advice/info you have to give! We're not sure yet whether we'll live on or off base. I'm very interested to learn about where the best off-base communities to live in are, etc.

We'll be headed that way some time in January/February. In the mean time, we're crunching hard to finish up the work on our house! Since hubby got home from his deployment, we've replaced almost the entire flooring in our house. We've also painted a couple of rooms, I learned how to grout tile, I re-did the cabinets in our bathroom, fixed the deck, and I've been doing lots of DIY Pinterest projects. I keep telling myself I should start doing tutorials, but I never remember to take pictures during the process!

We'll be getting our house on the rental list sometime this week... ugggh, that in itself is stressful! The way the housing market tanked makes it impossible to sell our house right now. Also, time seems to be speeding by faster than ever before. Is that what's to be expected as I grow older? that each year will go by more quickly than the last? It feels that way.

Anybody else PCSing this year? Good luck!


Mrs. Sergeant said...
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Samantha said...

Ah! I just stumbled upon your blog! I'm an Okie too... married to one of the USAF's newest Majors!

We're currently at Aberdeen Proving Grounds {north of Baltimore - like you, we're baffled how we ended up at an Army Post!}, but we do have a friend who is stationed at Ft. Meade. They live off base in Bowie {great area!}.

Nat said...

Hey I live in MD right by Ft Meade- I'm a real estate agent too so feel free to shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to help you guys!

The Perfect Trio said...

my best friend just moved to ft meade over the summer. bummed you'll be so close to her....